The Dreadful Show is a co-op beat ’em up taking place in a Victorian London in which you play as one of the four “freaks” stars from Mr Loyal’s circus. Who will be the star of the show?

  • Abby, the tiny malicious Beard Lady !
  • Willy, the incredible three-handed Juggler!
  • Archie, the amazing Fire Eater !
  • Martha, the fabulous Grande Dame !

Get ready to brawl and rescue Mr Loyal’s Circus from the awful threat looming over it !

This project has been developed with Unity3D Engine as my last year Project at BRASSART Montpellier. You can download and try the game here!

In this project, I did various tasks. In the beginning of the project, I worked on the Game Design . Then during the production I particularly set up the Artificial Intelligence and Behaviours of the enemies encountered in the game. I also developed some Tools and customized Editors within Unity in order to simplify and accelerate the production (Custom Navigation Mesh and Spawn Point Editor). But I also managed to develop and integrate the User Interface of the game and helped setting up the online part of the game.

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