PAF’ZTEC is a game produced for the event “Cœur de Ville en Lumière” in Montpellier (France). It has been projected on the front of the “Agora” of Montpellier during the three evenings of the event. Visitors were able to come and play directly on the building.

You play as two little aztec champions, chosen to accomplish a legendary ritual: Feed fruits to a sacred plant. And to win, all is fair!

You can download the game and try it here.


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On this project, I:

  • Procedurally animated plants in order to make them follow the various Gameplay elements.
  • Set up the State Machines for the plants’ states and behaviours.
  • Created the Game Manager, which checks the start and end game conditions and calls the events according to the key moments of the game.
  • Created a custom event system that calls events according to the time spent in game.
  • Set up the User Interface Elements and their behaviours.
  • Integrated game assets.